WLYA 2019

Write Like You’re Alive is a 31/31 creativity sprint sponsored by Tangent Press East.

The event will run August 1-31, 2019 and is open to poets, writers, artists, and photographers. Admission is free. If you meet the challenge’s criteria, one of your submissions will be included in the published anthology at the end of the year.

Join us for 31 days of non-stop creativity!

A WLYA discord channel has been set up for the event, allowing text and voice chat, file exchanges, and collaboration. Please join the group, request access, and add your name to the registration sheet.

Rules for the event:

At the end of Day One, you must have posted your first submission (submissions include: poetry, flash fiction, short stories, sketches, illustrations, or photography)

At the end of Day Fifteen, you must have posted at least twelve (12) submissions.

At the end of Day Thirty-one, you must have posted at least twenty-one (21) submissions.

Tangent Press East reserves the right to disqualify submissions from consideration if deemed inappropriate.